9 Best Wireless Printer Reviews For Home And Office

Dell Wireless Printer

are you one who is searching for the best wireless printer reviews and are you one of those who has to do a lot of printing task in a day? We all need printers at some or the other point as we cannot completely rely on the soft copies. College students and corporate offices are some of them who need printers on a daily basis. Now, if there is something you are going to need daily then its use should be hassle-free. Use of wires to connect the printers to various devices makes everything look cluttered. You cannot move the printer from one place to another as it is connected to multiple systems. This has been the major reason why people are not shifting towards wireless printers.New technology seems to be costly to us but that is not the case. The wireless technology has gone through continuous advancements so that you get to use it at an affordable amount. If you want to be able to print using your laptop, tablet, or phone then wireless printers are for you. You do not even have to go on a searching spree to find the right one for yourself. Here, the best wireless printers list is enough to guide you for the selection of one.

Best Wireless Printers 2020

Epson 24 pages per minute EcoTank Printer
HP 22 pages per minute Jet Intelligence
Canon Photo printer- prints up to13 x 19 in inches PictBridge
Brother 33 pages per minute NFC Card Reader
Lexmark 38 pages per minute Integrated Duplex Printing
Xerox 29 pages per minute Earth Smart Driver
Dell 27 pages per minute Automatic Document Feeder
MICR 40 pages per minute Magnetic Toner


  • Type of Printer: If you are planning to buy the printer for colored printing then you must go for an inkjet printer. These printers can print photos with varied color range. If you only want to print text documents then laser printers will be a great buy.
  • Usage: For home, you won’t need a printer that prints a lot of pages per day. A printer with limited functionalities will do. For the office, you may have to print a lot of pages so you must go for a highly functional printer.
  • Speed: For measuring the printing speed the impressions per minute criteria is used. If you are a printing shop owner then you will need a printer with high speed. Just know your requirements to select the printer.
  • Resolution: The resolution of the printer is really important. The more number of dots of ink the printer can print more will be its resolution. High resolution means the quality of print will be high.
  • Sheet Capacity: In printers, there is a tray at the bottom to hold pages. It helps in reducing the time it would take to set the paper for printing. For printing large documents you may need a printer with more sheet capacity.
  • Cost Per Page: The printers come with ink cartridges or toners. These need to be replaced over time. You should check how often you will have to replace them. This will give you an idea of how much money you will have to spend on them over time.
  • Price: Wireless printers come in a wide price range. It depends on the brand, feature, and other criterion. Check your budget and usage to decide a price range in which you will buy the product. A lot of people consider price as the only criteria to buy products but that shouldn’t be your preference.
  • Automatic duplexing: Duplexing is a feature that allows printing documents on both the side. If your regular need of printing involves printing on both sides then you should check this feature. Its automatic duplexing won’t require changing the side of the paper manually.

1. EPSON *All-In-One Supertank Printer*

Epson Wireless Printer

Epson wireless printer is a feature rich product. It comes with dimensions as 22.8 x 16.7 x 17.7 in inches. The technology used in this printer is Inkjet. This means you can print high-quality colourful prints using this printer. It is going to look great when kept on any office desk. Also, its small footprint will make it easy to for you to keep it anywhere. The ink pack system is clever and easy to load as the system is fully integrated. It also one of the best wireless printers for mac. In fact, Epson is known for manufacturing some really good quality printers. You can trust the product as a lot of customers believe that this printer is a must buy.


  • This is not just an ordinary printer. You can copy, scan, and fax using it. Thus, it is an all-in-one product that will save your money. Invest in one and get benefits of many.
  • It comes with 250-sheet capacity and a 80-sheet rear tray. You can print more without having to load paper again and again.
  • This revolutionary EcoTank printer will come with ink in the box that would last for 2 years. It has enough link that you can use to print 11,000 colored and 16,000 black pages.
  • It is a fast printer with a speed of 24 ppm.
  • One of the major benefits of using this printer is that you can use it in both wired and wireless form.
  • Its setup is easy and for convenient usage it comes with large 4.3 inches touchscreen.
  • The product comes with full protection. You will get 2-year limited warranty.
  • Cartridge-free printin
  • Maximum productivity
  • Great speed
  • Easy setup
  • Touchscreen
  • Fully integrated
  • Wi-Fi Direct and NFC
  • Compatible with Epson-brand ink packs that are easily available

2. HP *LaserJet Pro*

HP Laserjet is a white colored printer. The color seems to be a good choice for everyone as it is universal. This is a small package product that will give a high performance. If you are looking for a professional quality printer then this could be a great choice. It is a high-end product with high quality. People who are into business and require a lot of printed documents are going to love it. This product will save your business money and time. It has all the capabilities that you look for in a good quality printer. HP wireless printer’s dimensions are 16.6 x 16.5 x 13.2 in inches. At a time the input tray can hold 250 sheets.

HP Wireless Printer


  • The printing speed of this printer is 22 pages per minute. It applies for both black and colored printing. There is a difference in the speed for the first page out. It is 10.3 seconds for black and 11.7 seconds for colored.
  • You can easily take a print out from your mobile device. You can either connect the printer and mobile phone to the same network or use the wi-fi direct option.
  • The whole power of your printer is in your hands. By using the HP smart app you can easily set up your printer. Other functionalities include the scanning, ordering toner, and printing from the cloud.
  • You can completely rely on the connection as it is going to give steady performance from Wi-Fi that is dual band. It also comes with ethernet capability for wired connection.
  • The original HP Toner cartridges are highly functional. They come with Jet Intelligence that will print more pages with high-quality color.
  • It comes with auto document feeder so it will reduce manual interference. Also, you can use USB port to connect various devices.
  • 2.7-inch touchscreen
  • Fast print speed
  • Ethernet Capability
  • Steady performance
  • Jet Intelligence
  • Mobile phone connectivity
  •  No NFC touch-to-print still the best

3. CANON *Wireless Professional Inkjet Printer*

Canon is a top rated wireless printer. There are multiple customers who have used this product and given positive feedback to it. Canon is itself a huge brand that is known for providing excellent services. If you are looking for an excellent wireless photo printer then you can trust this product. It is right time to switch from those traditional printers to these professional quality printers. This inkjet printer has the technology and functionality that you need for printing in quality as good as the images you capture. Also, the wireless printer reviews seems really positive.

Canon Wireless Printer


  • There are 8 dye based color inks that give vibrant and detailed printing. For professional print quality the 3 monochrome inks deliver deep black density that can be used to create some really interesting dramatic expression of grayscale photography.
  • On various media you can print professional photos that measure 13 x 19 in inches.
  • Canon wireless printer comes with optimum image generating system. This system will calculate the best results for the print mode and paper type you select. Also, it will examine various image factors like black density, color reproduction, tonal gradations, and graininess. You will get to seem power of the OIG system once the image is printed.
  • There are two ways of paper feeding. For the thicker pages it will use the back of the printer while for the most supported media types its will use the rear tray.
  • It also has PictBridge connection. This connection will let you print the photos directly using the compatible DV camcorder, digital camera, or camera phone.
  • For high-speed transfers you plug the cable into the PC.
  • This printer is compatible with wide variety of operating systems. This includes Windows, 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, and more.
  • True monochrome prints
  • Optimum analysis
  • Versatile paper handling
  • Built-in wi-fi
  • High-speed USB
  • Uniform ink height
  • Pro printing
  •  Requires more space

4. BROTHER *Color Laser Printer*

The brother wireless printer offers connectivity in both wired and wireless form. This is again a reputable brand. The manufacturer is known for providing business-class solutions. It will increase the efficiency and productivity of the product. It is also known for the reliability and overall satisfaction for the customers. We believe that if you are in a search of a color laser printer that is dependable then you should go for Brother. The dimensions of the printer are 20.5 x 22 x 24.3 in inches.

Brother Wireless Printer


  • With Brother you will get high quality color printing that comes with a speed of 33 ppm. So you won’t have to waste time waiting for the printouts. This printer is brilliant for the crisp black and colored output that are of professional quality.
  • This printer is going to make it much easier for you to print that too in budget. The black toner cartridge will provide standard yield with 3000 pages. Also, you will get three cartridges with 1,800 pages.
  • The printer comes with 250-sheet capacity paper tray. Also, you will get a 50-sheet tray that is multi-purpose so can handle any sort of media or envelopes easily.
  • For navigating through menus you can use the 2.7 inches touchscreen display. It even supports direct printing from cloud services like Google drive, Dropbox, and others.
  • There is a security function lock. It will enable the administrator to regulate and restrict the usage of devices and its functions. For example, you can restrict the color printing access.
  • The active directory function will enable printing only if a certain user id and password is entered.
  • It comes with NFC card reader. This reader will provide walk-up authorization to its users so that they can release print jobs or access other machine functions.
  • Easy connectivity
  • High-quality color printing
  • Reliable performance
  • Flexible paper capacity
  • Easy navigation
  • Low cost printing
  •  Printer is a bit heavy

5. LEXMARK *Monochrome Laser Printer*

Lexmark wireless printer comes in the combination of black and white. From the centre to the top the printer is black in color and rest is white. For people who want their work related stuff to look good they must buy this product. Not only in design and look the printer is also good at what it actually does that is printing.

Lexmark Wireless Printer


  • For those who are looking for a convenient option for wireless printing this printer is an apt choice. This easy to setup wireless printer will allow you to print files from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablets.
  • The Lexmark printer is much secure and compact. Compact printers can be placed anywhere as they do not demand much space.
  • The 2.4 inches color display is an additional benefit as it eases the navigation process. You can view the job status on the screen. Also, the keypad is perfect to enable confidential printing that will act as an output security measure.
  • This is a black and white all-in-one laser printer that will print 38 pages per minute. Also, the printer will scan, copy, or fax your files.
  • The paper capacity of this printer is huge. You can store up to 250 sheets so can print more pages in less time. Also, there won’t be need of refilling the trays again and again in short time.
  • There is an integrated duplex printing function in it. This will allow you to print on both the sides of the paper with the need of manually changing the sides of the paper.
  • Monochrome laser printer
  • Airprint
  • Secure
  • Convenient wireless printing
  • Efficient
  • Integrated duplex feature
  •  Not highly advanced but affordable

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6. XEROX *Powerful Printer*

​Xerox wireless printer is quiet in operation. This simple looking printer comes with built-in wireless networking. Also, the size is compact. You can fit this printer at exact place where you want to be productive. The product is absolutely easy to install. You will have to remove the toner first then load and adjust the printer. Once you will download the driver from Xerox you can turn on the printer. After that simply run the downloaded file. With one or more selection of options from the menu you will be able to continue with the installation. It is quite easy to set up. That’s why we feel that this is the best wireless printer for home use.

Xerox Wireless Printer


  • It can print up to 29 ppm. Also, the first page out time is really fast. It is 8.5 seconds. So you can totally trust this product in terms of reliability. Xerox’s paper capacity is 250 sheets.
  • You can count on this product because it believes in delivering best results with minimum intervention. Its cartridges are easy to replace and the printer is reliable enough to handle any type of job.
  • The wi-fi direct will allow the wi-fi enabled devices and printer to communicate without the need of an existing wireless network. This feature allows the tablets, mobile phones, and laptops to make a secure connection directly to the printer.
  • Its standard, automatic two-sided printing will save your time and paper. You are not only going to save money but a lot of other things. There is toner save and power save mode that is highly efficient. Also, there is Earth Smart driver that will help you choose to spend less on consumables and electricity.
  • The print supply feature will allow you to replace only when needed. So you can get the most out of your print cartridge.
  • Standard ethernet connection
  • Budget friendly
  • Long lasting
  • Wi-fi direct
  • Automatic two-sided printing
  • Supports custom sizes
  •  Works best with maximum 5 users team size.

7. DELL *Multifunction Printer*

Dell wireless printer is all black in color. The look of the printer is high-end and it will the finest addition to your office or home. You can boost the efficiency of your workplace with the advanced connectivity and fast performance of this printer. This device is going to provide a space efficient solution to your printing related needs. The printer’s dimensions are 24.1 x 20.2 x 10.4 in inches. It comes integrated with tons of interesting features that makes it a perfect buy.

Dell Wireless Printer


  • This is an all-in-one printer. It means this printer can be used for copying and scanning too. By just buying a printer you can accomplish multiple tasks.
  • For high-quality prints, the laser printer’s printing resolution is 2400 x 600 dpi. It will ensure that you get detailed printing.
  • The monthly duty cycle of this printer is 10000 pages with a speed of 27 ppm.
  • You can save paper by creating two-sided documents. This will save your money too.
  • For easy setup and navigation you can use the LCD display. Also, the USB 2.0, Wi-fi, and LAN connectivity options will enhance your productivity.
  • Its copying speed is also great. You can copy up to 20 copies per minute. Also, the flatbed scanner is efficient so it comes with 8-bit for gray scale and 24-bit color.
  • Also, it features an ADF automatic document feeder. In fact, the duplexer is also automated with 2-sided printing. So it require a very little manual intervention
  • Performs multiple functions
  • 2-line LCD
  • Optimized resolution
  • Good copy speed
  • Clear printing
  • Automated document feeder
  • Built-in duplexer
  •  Copier and scanner function may not be needed by everyone


The MICR is a printer that uses laser technology for printing files and documents. The technology itself ensures that you are going to get high-quality prints with it. If you are new to using wireless printers then don’t worry they are not difficult to understand. For added ease of usage you will get a guide. It will give you all the details that you will need while using this printer.

MICR Wireless Printer


  • MICR’s printer is going to boost the productivity level at your office. You will be delivered with professional quality output.
  • It is ready to be added to the network by using 1 Host USB, 1 Gigabit Ethernet 1000/100/10T network, and 1 Hi-speed USB 2.0. All these will only increase convenience.
  • The printing capacity is just amazing. You can print 40 pages per minute.
  • You can even print checks using this printer. The magnetic toner is specially added to the printer for this facility.
  • It is a high yielding product. You will be able to print 9,300 checks at Rs. 3 per page.
  • High-quality laser print
  • Boosts productivity
  • Prints faster
  • Ethernet capability
  • Magnetic toner
  • Average functioning


Time is precious and you cannot rely on wired printers if you believe in it. We have a lot of tasks to do in our daily routine. Nobody has time to search for files on the computer and then send a print command. Even after sending the command you have to wait for the printer to respond and print the files. Here, we have shared some of the benefits of using a wireless printer.

  • Ease of Movement: If you are a traditional printer user then you know how limited they are. You have to use the printer in the range up to which the networking cables can reach your laptop or PC. With a wireless printer, you won’t have to stick to a certain place. You can give command while doing other set of tasks. Some of the best wireless printers connect to the tablets and mobile phones too.
  • Online Printing: If you have used the traditional printer then you might know the way they work. The files or documents should be on the system that is connected to the printer. The wireless printer gives you more flexibility. You can instantaneously give print command from the cloud. Now, that will save your time of downloading and space for storing the files.
  • Multifunctional: There are multiple types of printers available in the market. These printers come with additional features. You can use them for scanning and copying too. Using the wireless printers you can copy, fax, or scan and then send them directly to your device. Using some printers you can print using the USB flash drive. It means there are tons of benefits associated with using wireless printers.
  • Network: The term wireless seems to explain this benefit. You can connect a laptop, computer, or other type of electronic device to the printer. Cabling was the major drawback of traditional printers. If you wanted to connect multiple systems to the printer then it would have required a lot of cabling. You cannot manage the cables easily. They tend to get tangled easily. In wireless printers, you can connect multiple users without the need of a single wire.


By now you might have decided which wireless printer is going to be the best for you. It is a bit tricky as some printers are high-end with advanced functioning while others are not. We believe the decision should be taken based on the requirements. If you have regular printing work then you should go for Epson or HP printer. These are known for providing the best service. By choosing the best one you will be able to benefit from its services for a long time. Go through the features of all of them to understand how good they are at their printing work. Whether you want to buy the best wireless laser printer or inkjet printer all of them are in the list. If you want face trouble while travelling due to navigation then you can also check VIZR reviews so that you reach your office safe and on time. For more queries, you can contact us through the comments section.

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