7 Best Massage Chairs Top Rated Reviews | Updated List 2023

best massage chair

After spending a long day at work everybody wants to get some relax. Massage is a better option but to relax and comfort yourself after a long duration of time at work who has energy and time to go to a massage parlor at this moment massage chair is truly a much-needed item. 

The Best Massage chair is truly an extravagance device. This item makes you feel like having a massage at the spa center and you can easily access it anytime at home and relax your mind and body. If you are coffee lover and you want to enjoy coffee while having your massage you can check The best Espresso Machine.  

These massage chairs are built with lots of unique and amazing features like zero gravity position, Bluetooth connection for HD speaker, different massage style, lean back chair, to massage all of your body parts from head to toe and soothe pain, fatigue and improve blood circulations. We recommend you to check ​The Best Mini Projector to enjoy movies while having massage.

This advance functioning massage chair is a bit expensive and cannot be afforded easily. If you are thinking to purchase one for your massage parlor or for the home we have made a list of best massage chairs and Complete buying guides so that you can choose the right one for yourself. And after thorough research and testing, we discover these 7 models that are worth eye-catching. Keep reading to know for about Massage Chair.

7 Best Massage Chairs Top Rated Reviews

    FUJITA D610 3D                                     PRESTIGE Multi-Function Professional Recliner Air Massagers
  XYQC Massage Chair 6D                        Electric Zero Gravity with 4 Massage Techniques
        Ogawa Touch 3D Massage Chair (Black & Cappuccino)
       3D Massage Chair Armchair Space-Saving Zero Gravity Recliner For Full Body 
    XYQC Massage Chair Full Body Relax Shiatsu Armchair with 3D Surround Sound 
    OSAKI OS-PRO FIRST                      CLASS Electric Bluetooth Connection for HD Speaker, Side Controller 
     Titan Osaki Os-Pro Admiral Massage Chair With Led Light Control 

1. Fujita D610 3D Prestige Massage Chair

Fujita massage chair performs all the functions to make feel relaxed and comfortable.  This is a top-class massage chair that offers 3D realistic hand like massage and with L track to cover glute. It also features 3D massage and air massage with 5 levels of adjustments. It has 3 levels of calf roller massage adjustments and 3 levels of foot roller massage adjustments. This massage chair also characterized by 58 airbags for a whole-body massage with 20 automatic modes and 7 massage techniques. This chair is fitted with 58 airbags and heat therapy in 4 different zones. It has also inbuilt Bluetooth speaker and quick-access side panel controller.


  • 3D practical hand type massage and L track to cover a gluteus muscle.
  • 5 level of 3D power massage and 5 levels of air massage
  • Comes with 3 level of calf roller massage and 3 levels of foot roller massage adjustment
  • It has 20 automatic modes and 7 massage techniques
  • It features 58 airbags and heat therapy in 4 different zones 
  • PROS
    • Provides 3D power massage and air massage, auto body scan gravity massage
    • Comes with 20 automatic modes and 7 massage techniques
    • L track to cover gluteus
    • Comes with premium Bluetooth speakers
    • This model is a bit expensive but offers a fair amount of every type of massage.

    2. XYQC Massage Chair 6D Electric, Multi-Function Professional Recliner Air Massagers, Zero Gravity with 4 Massage Techniques

    This massage chair will give you a rich experience of an entire massage from head to toe. This is a new technique to refine muscles, get rid of back pain and helps to improve fitness issues. This is an ideal massage chair with features 12 massage techniques with 4 procedure. It has an automatic body detection function fit for height from 150cm to 190cm. It has full-body airbag massage which covers the whole body with 22 pairs of the airbag. It also comes with zero gravity massage and is much comfortable and it can be easily operated.


    • It has 12 massage techniques and 4 Procedures
    • It has a smart body shape detection function
    • It has a full-body airbag massage function
    • It has zero gravity massage techniques
    • It can be controlled by us and much comfortable
    • It’s crafted with all technologies and of good quality
    • It offers much relaxing and comfortable massage
    • The operation is simple and can be easily understood
    • It does not have rollers for the foot massage

    3. Ogawa Touch 3D Massage Chair (Black & Cappuccino)

    This 3D massage chair is smooth in operation and offers 8 massage programs to relax the muscle. It has a 3D roller slide uniformly using a double body scan technique to determine your body position and its touch screen lets you choose your favorite massage features. The automatic function of this chair helps you to choose 8 unique massage program Function in just one click. It also has heat and vibration function to relieve your lower back tension and comfort the underlying muscles and joints.


    • It is manufactured in japan with 3D massage
    • It has a touch screen remote to choose massage function
    •  It has 6 Levels Of massage depth
    • It has full-body multi-layered airbag compression
    • It comes with shiatsu style roller
    • It has LCD remote control
    • With one touch you can choose 8 unique massage techniques
    • Heat and Vibration massage function is also available
    • However, its price is lower than the above two massage chair but still, it is a bit expensive.

    4. 3D Massage Chair with Heat Function Robot SL-Track Shiatsurelaxing Armchair Space-Saving Zero Gravity Recliner for Full Body with Castors,Brown


    • It has 3D massage function with SL Track
    • It had HD VFD system for smooth operation
    • It has automatic body scan system
    • It has an automatic width adjustment system
    • It comes with airbags for full body massage
    • This is a space-saving massage chair
    • It offers heat and vibration massage, foot massage.
    • Provides 12 massage modes
    • Still, this can be expensive buy but comes with loaded features

    5. XYQC Massage Chair, Electric Zero Gravity Intelligent Full Body Relax Shiatsu Armchair with 3D Surround Sound – Air Massagers – Heat Massage Sofa Chair

    This massage chair is a fully automatic chair. On this massage chair, you can fully feel relaxed and relieve you’re your fatigue, stress, pain, tension, etc. People with inadequate sleep can cover cervical, thigh, calf, back, and arm and waist pain. This chair comes with various massage modes with full-body airbag massage and vibration massage. It has an LCD control panel for smooth operation and for choosing massage type. This chair also offers Bluetooth connectivity for entertainment while having a massage session.


    • It has a 3D digital audio system
    • It offers various massage mode
    • This chair is a fully automatic system
    • It comes with a footrest
    • Bluetooth connectivity for entertainment
    • LCD control panel
    • It has a rear-wheel for easy re position
    • Offers all type of massage
    • Pretty expensive and lacks in heat and vibration function

    6. OSAKI OS-PRO FIRST CLASS Electric Full Body 3D Massage Chair, Heat on Lumbar, L Track Roller Design, Foot & Calf Kneading Massage, Bluetooth Connection for HD Speaker, Side Controller (Brown/Beige)


    This Osaki OS-Pro first-class massage chair comes with 3D rollers and Features L-Track system. This chair has 23 auto massage programs, zero gravity, foot roller massage air massage. It is easy to use with LCD remote to experience rich massage. This chair offers the best user experience. It also provides fast access from the site controller.


    • It has advanced 3D technology, negative ions, extendable footrest, and adjustable calf position
    • It comes with L- Track massage, Full body air massage
    • It has unique foot massage, auto body scan function, heat on lumbar
    • It comes with 23 auto massage programs
    • This is a space-saving technology
    • It has an LCD remote with side controller also
    • It has inbuilt Bluetooth speakers
    • Heat therapy is limited to only lumbar

    7. Titan Osaki Os-Pro Admiral Massage Chair With Led Light Control In       Black/Silver

    This Osaki admiral massage chair with LED light comes with technologies like an L-track system with 16 auto massage programs, zero gravity, and full-body airbags. With this product, a person can have full control of the massage experience. This chair has the next generation of 3D massage roller that extends out from the backrest. It has 5 Level Of 3D intensity control.


    • It has advanced 3D technology with L-track massage
    • It has 16 auto massage program and 6 massage styles Full body massage
    • Full body air massage, unique foot roller massage, heat massage, auto body scan are also available
    • It has auto leg extend up to 7.1”
    • This product is easy to use
    • It has multi-language support
    • Bluetooth speakers are available
    • It has limited manual option

    A complete Guide for buying a massage chair:

    It’s not an easy task to find the best massage chair. In order to get you the best massage chair, we have created this segment.  Whenever someone is buying something, it is better to think well and then make any decision.

    Before, stepping out to buy a massage chair, do remind yourself some of these queries:

    Is there is ample space for a massage chair?

    The massage chairs are magnificent, but they are not as small as your regular chair, so you need to make enough space to keep one and to expand it fully.

    What type of massage chair fits me?

    The massage chair comes in different shapes and sizes. Generally, many of the massage chairs are manufactured to fit in most users, which is suitable for both short and tall users.

    Though, buyers should always make sure the massage chair fits you. Few of them are comfortable either for short or tall people.

    What kind of massage you really need?

    Massage chair comes with different types of inbuilt massage function. Some of them enjoy all massage function while others prefer as per their choice. Massage chair features massage like kneading, tapping, rolling, shiatsu, special techniques massage.


    At present, there is a various manufacturer of massage chairs in the market. As far as I know, all the makers provide massage chairs with the same ergonomics and functions. So you better choose the brand that provides appropriate warranty and better customer support.


    As we all know that a massage chair is expensive and cannot be easily afford by everyone. So, before booking one you should check the price, durability and all the features. You can choose any as per your requirements and budgets.


    Generally, all of the massage chairs come with a warranty. Some of the makers provides the highest warrant duration some of them less duration. So, before locking one you should check the warranty and go for the highest period to warranty. If something goes wrong you don’t have to pay for it.

    Techniques Of massage Types

    As we all know a massage chair offers numerous massage techniques but you might be wondering how they perform them?

    Shiatsu – In this Section, the roller is pushed to a delicate point on your back to relieve tension.

    Rolling – In this massage, your back body rolls on the roller in up and down the way.

    Tapping – In this section the roller is pushed against our back and then when they push out. These steps restoring the karate-chop capability.

    Kneading In this segment roller turns into circular form to execute the massage.

    Gripping– In this part airbag grabs your arms and leg and free them.

    Benefits of Having a Massage Chair

    There are plenty of benefits of having a massage chair if you haven’t used it before and you might be wondering how it will benefit you then have a look at some of them:

    Any Time Massage – You don’t have to go to the spa center after a hectic day. If you have a massage chair you can access it any time and get relaxed. 

    Various Massage Function – Many of the massage chairs offers different massage techniques. So you can choose your message as per your requirement.

    Relief Stress – The main purpose of a massage chair is to relieve stress, strain and all body pain. This is the reason people use to get a massage.

    Blood Circulation Improved – When you get the massage you feel relaxed, balanced and active due to proper blood circulation in the body

    Better stance And Chronic Pain Relief – If you are getting massage properly then definitely it will improve your posture and the main reason people are buying massage chairs to get relief from long-lasting back pain, shoulder pain neck, etc.

    Important Factors to be considered while buying a Massage chair:

    When you are prepared to buy a Massage Chair.  Just check out the necessary features that explain how massage chairs and how efficient it is.

    Massage Potential: Massage power is an important factor. Do remember to check out its capacity as per your needs because varies from person to person some of them like a soft massage while others prefer hard massage.

    Rollers of Massage: Massage roller is a key feature. It is designed to restore the human body and compose a comfortable massage. The Movement of the roller makes the body relaxed and improves blood circulation.

    Heat Massage: This is a great massage to relax. The massage chair comes in different ways to generate heat. Most of them use a heated pad but the top-end variant uses infrared rollers for the heated massages. This roller gives a much comfortable massage.

    Body Scan Technology: This is the finest feature at present available in the massage chair. This technology helps the chair to modify massage for each and every user. This is the best quality in a massage chair as every time massage gets customized as per user.

    Multiple massage Function: The More function a massage chair has the best it is.

    Any Time Massage: After a long hectic day you don’t have to go out for a massage. If you have a massage chair at home you can access it any time. 

    Air Compression Massage: This function composes of airbags that intensify the massage experience.

    Zero Gravity: This is the best massage function. In these techniques the whole body becomes flat and your heart will feel relaxed and the blood will get distributed across the body uniformly. This technology comes in the top-end variant.

    3D Massage: This technique gives more depth massage than any other massage. This is one of the best features to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

    Some of the added Futures include foot massage, arm massage, head massage, hip massage, Bluetooth connectivity for some entertainment, cup holder, etc.

    Now you are well known about these massage chairs you easily choose a particular massage chair that suits you and your budget. 

    If you are planning to buy a massage chair then you should definitely know how to maintain and clean the massage chair:

    1. Use soft cleaning products
    2. Use a moist cloth
    3. Don’t dribble cleaning products on to the moving parts
    4. Clean the touching areas
    5. Separate the Upholstery If Possible and don’t keep a wet Upholstery on the chair


    The massage chair is one of a great way to decrease stress levels and to soothe your back pain. As, we know the price of massage is very high, but after buying one you will know massage chairs are fully worth the price.

    As we can see every model appears similar and their price too. To get the best massage chair as per your needs, just go through the above-described features and choose the best for the money.

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